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On Cupcake Moon





  Are the designs pictured not exactly what you were hoping to find?  Looking to create a card with a drawing of your pet, or an invitation with a specific theme?  I will happily work with you to create that custom idea you are looking for, provided it is not a copy of something already out there (e.g., Star Wars, Strawberry Shortcake, Monster High as those are copyrighted characters/images).  A non-refundable design fee will be charged, but depending on the complexity of the design, a portion of that fee may be put towards your order.  Please allow at least 2 weeks before the cards or invitations are needed to begin the process. 

Ready?  Contact me today with your idea.

You can also view my photo albums on my facebook page for all my custom orders and wedding related items, or just simply read on for some of the best ones!


Some custom cards & invitations that i created:

Custom Cards/Invitations
Cinnamon Cards and Gift Tags
My customer requested special birthday cards with "Feliz Cumpleaños" on them.  The image was inspired by her dog, Cinnamon.  To give the cards a little extra sparkle, glitter was added to the dog's collar.  They turned out so cute, we also decided to turn them into matching gift tags.  
Baby Shower Invitation
A very special baby shower invitation needed to be designed for two very special people.  It had to be creative, original and personalized. My first idea was to draw the expectant couple in a room with balloons and gifts.  It was cute, but it didn't look "just right".  It needed more.  I saw the bedding that they had picked for the baby, a zoo theme for a boy and a pink & green floral pattern for a girl.  They also were going to paint the baby's room a sage green.  I took those elements and created a nursery for them to be pictured in complete with their wall color and a customized border.  Then I added a dresser with baby items on it, and the original idea of the balloons and gifts to make it more festive. Everyone loved the design, especially the couple the shower was for.  And as you can see, there's no doubt it's them!  

Wedding Program
The wedding colors were lavender and green, the theme was apples and roses, and the bride and groom wanted a program cover that incorporated them and their dog in little scenes.  They provided the words and I came up with the design shown below.  It looked fabulous in print.

Wedding programs are available via custom order only and are printed on a specialty paper of your choice.

Designs listed below have become part of my regular line of products      
Holiday Cards
1012 - dog with christmas tree
My customer wanted a holiday card of the dog pictured below.  I was given the instructions to include either a stocking or a santa hat, and have a christmas tree in the scene.  The end result is item #1012, dog with christmas tree.  
1015 - bird in winter scene
My mission was to create a holiday card using a brown creeper as the subject - my customer's favorite bird.  I took the pictures he sent me and posed the bird in a scene that was outdoors, yet still had a holiday look and feel.  The end result is item #1015, bird in winter scene.  
Birthday Invitations
2009 - mexican jumping bean birthday
A repeat customer contacted me for a custom birthday invitation.  She already had the theme of a Mexican jumping bean along with the wording, had bought maracas as party favors for the kids.  From her past orders i knew what she liked.  Since the invitation was for a two year old boy, I drew the middle bean very youthful looking.  and because it was a birthday invitation, I used classic elements such as the colors, piñata, and sombreros for the fiesta part.  The finished product is item #2009 - mexican jumping bean birthday.  
2012 - Little Fisherman
I worked very closely with my customer on this little fisherman 1st birthday theme.  We discussed ideas at length, and I came up with most of the design.  When we regrouped, we decided to change some of the colors and add scenery in the background.  The shoreline greatly enhanced what I had already done.  Since the child's birthday is in october, she wanted the trees to be shown in fall colors.  Because not all little fishermen are fall babies, I then created a spring/summer version of the invitation as well.  
Baby Shower Invitations
4004 - flower pot baby & 4005 - flower pot baby girl (also seen in new baby)
A baby shower was planned with a floral theme.  My customer wanted invitations to match with a baby emerging from a flower pot.  I created two designs for her to choose from, a more realistic looking daisy and a retro looking daisy.  She loved them both but because they didn't know what gender the baby was at the time, they opted to go with item #4004, flower pot baby.  It has since been redesigned with a trellis and background.  
Graduation Invitations
26001 - Sports Graduation
Two brothers were graduating at the same time - one from middle school, one from high school.  Both were heavily involved in sports, and their invitation was to reflect that.  Their mother suggested using their school mascots.  Both were easy enough to draw and worked well for a sports themed invitation, but it was missing something.  That's when I came up with the idea to use the boys' jerseys on it too.  Both the boys and mom loved the end result - item #26001, sports graduation.  
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All Designs ©1993 - 2016 On Cupcake Moon.  All Rights Reserved.

Copyright is NOT transferable with sale.